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Festivals 2024

La Canopée

15 Juillet au 21 Juillet
29 Juillet au 4 Août
12 Août  au 18 Août
25 Août au 1er Septembre


Paléo Festival Nyon

Du 23 Juillet au 28 Juillet


Street Food Festival Nyon

Du 5 Septembre au 8 Septembre


Street Food Festival Neuchâtel

Du 29 Août au 1er Septembre

About us

We are a Neotropical team, so we feel it, without borders and without limits. We come from Latin America, from the Caribbean, we come from Venezuela, we come from Colombia, we come from the land of Arepa.

Brief history of the Arepa

Bread or bun, made with gluten-free white corn flour, soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. This “pocket”, made up to the minute, and cooked “à la plancha”, hence hot when ready to serve, can be eaten on its own or garnished with a large selection of ingredients

The Arepa is a food of pre-Columbian origin from Colombia and Venezuela, made with a mass of dry ground corn or precooked corn flour, circular and flattened. It is consumed in a traditional way in the kitchens of Colombia and Venezuela. The word Arepa comes from the word Erepa, which meant for the extinct ethnic group of the Cumanagotos. However, the oldest records of the word indicate that different peoples in Colombia and Venezuela already used the word to refer to a corn-based food when Europeans arrived on the continent.

Our proposal

Our gastronomy is the humble reflection of a research work on the search of our culinary identity, where the aromas, flavors, colors and textures of the fusions are produced between NEOTROPICO (South America, Central America, Antilles, part of the United States and Mexico) and PALEOTROPICO (India, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, etc.) being extremes of an invisible and inclusive dividing line, that flexes so that these geographical points are touched through the gastronomy.

Sauces and Extras

Our Homemade Sauces:

  • Mojito: Coriander, parsley, chive and garlic.
  • Spicy: Yellow Chili and other secret ingredients.

Extras or Substitutes options:

  • Smoked Tofu Bio.
  • Sweet plantains.
  • Avocado.
  • Caramelised onions.

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Monday to Friday from 11:45h to 14.15h
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